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Every parent knows the importance of education when it comes to their child. Whether your children go to public school, private school, are homeschooled or “unschooled,” we all want our kids to grow up with a love of learning, and all of the knowledge that goes with it!

In addition to all that goes into running A Little Annafaith Kids, I’m also proud to be a Girl Scout leader and to teach Sunday school to little ones. In these roles as well as being a parent, I am often reminded of what a big role teachers play in our kids’ lives. (It’s definitely hard work, and so very important!) I’m also reminded that there are lots of opportunities for our children to continue to learn outside of just school hours, and how every experience they have contributes to their growth and the kind of adult they will become.

I came across this great article on recently that outlined lots of ways to combine fun and education with a variety of interesting, creative activities. From repurposing recyclables into masks, paper airplanes or entirely new inventions, to planning your own science experiments and scavenger hunts, there are so many things to do to get your kids excited about learning and having a blast while doing it. You can adapt any of these activities to your own kids’ unique personalities and interests, to keep them engaged.

Of course, while kids should be learning both in school and out of school, it’s also important to teach them about the idea of balance. The amount of homework kids are bringing home these days can be staggering, and between school, activities, church, and family time, it’s easy for both children and adults to get overwhelmed!

Author Jessica Lahey, writing for the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, shared an interesting perspective on teaching kids some key skills for organization and time management. Helping our kids to find a “balance point” between overstimulation and exhaustion, and planning time to unwind, is essential for helping them build productive routines that also allow them to enjoy some much-needed relaxation..

I’m always amazed at what a huge role we play now in shaping the habits our kids will have for life – from their attitude toward learning new things to how they’ll manage their time as their schedules get busier. I can’t wait to try out some fun new educational activities with my own girls, and I’ll definitely be encouraging them to take some relaxing time for themselves, too! (Something we all need sometimes!)

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