What does our mission mean?

A Little Annafaith Kids is proud to embrace the following statement as our company’s mission: “A Little Annafaith Kids believes little girls should dress like little girls. Our young daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends deserve fun, whimsical and beautiful clothes that enable them to play, run, jump and move. They deserve quality clothes that will last more than a season. They deserve to feel beautiful exactly as they are.”

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy simplifying what is actually a very complex, emotional subject into three sentences! I feel so strongly about the values on which A Little Annafaith is based, that keeping my explanation short is a challenge. With that in mind, I wanted to elaborate a little on what our mission statement means to me.

So why is our mission statement an emotional one for me? Simply put, I want my little girls to enjoy every moment of these innocent years. Most of us grew up way too fast, and the children’s clothing in “big box” retail stores seems to encourage this to happen sooner and sooner.

As I explain in some detail in the “Our Story” page, I created A Little Annafaith Kids because I wanted my own daughters, as well as all little girls, to enjoy well-crafted clothing that respects their modesty without sacrificing style. It’s really unfortunate that these kinds of outfits are so hard to find in major retailers, but I’m happy to be able to offer them through my site.

A Little Annafaith exists to serve all kinds of families, and most importantly the daughters, sisters, nieces and friends that we love. I take a tremendous amount of personal pride in designing each piece of clothing and accessory we sell, and in dressing my own kids in these fashions. It’s heartwarming to see my little girls enjoying a happy, active, carefree childhood, and dressing in ways that are age-appropriate, whimsical and fun. I believe little girls deserve better than what most children’s clothing companies are offering, and I’m so glad for the opportunity to provide an alternative.

Our designs are well-made, with quality fabrics. They’re fun for little girls to wear, and encourage them to feel confident and beautiful exactly as they are. They’re cute and stylish, with little details that girls (and their moms) adore.

If this is your first visit to A Little Annafaith Kids, I hope you’ll take some time to browse our site. We’d also love to hear from individuals, wholesalers and retailers with any questions or inquiries.

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