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Grass-roots & A little faith

It all started in 2009, when I pulled out my good 'ole singer sewing machine, plopped it on my kitchen table (I am not very graceful), and started sewing clothes. After that, I took a leap of faith by setting up a booth at a local craft show in my hometown in Maryland and grew from there.  I whole-heartily know, with every fiber of my being ... all you need is an opportunity and grass-roots.

Creative Services are our speciality

clothing for a cause

Clothing for a Cause

Words speak. Words can also inspire and bring people together (kinda like food). Through each outfit & design- there is a thread of inspiration that is woven through each piece, that makes each style unique.


Design with Us

Are you looking for the right company that can make customization's that are a perfect fit for you, your boutique, charity, church, or small business?

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Fashion Services

We have a brick and mortar salon suite that provides creative hair services and more.


What inspires us, just might inspire you too

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